Chamois – Westland is home to some of the best Chamois trophies New Zealand has to offer.



Chamois, which were liberated in 1907 have found the Westland Mountains to their liking and with plenty of feed and good numbers we are harvesting some phenomenal bucks. We specialise in free range fair chase hunting for chamois on the West Coast, the South Island of New Zealand. You can hunt these animals year round, though the best time with their capes at their best is in full summer or full winter. Chamois rut May-July.

Wilderness Chamois hunt

A helicopter is used to transport us to the lower mountains of the Southern Alps. In spectacular surroundings you will be hunting from a comfortable tent camp. The Alpine Chamois is a challenging animal to hunt, super alert and extremely agile. We can take you to areas where Chamois are within only 1-2 hours walk from camp so you don’t need to be extremely fit to get your trophy of a lifetime.

Chamois package includes:

  • Helicopter access
  • Airport transfers
  • Preparation of trophies
  • Concession fees
  • Accommodation
  • Food & beverages

Excludes: Airfares and expediting

Allow: 6 days

Price on request

Please inquire if 2 or more person wish to hunt chamois as we can do this for a discounted price.

“Marcus was able to put me onto a chamois on my second day, he spotted it coming out from the bushes across the slip and I had my very first trophy chamois  – Thanks!”

Mark Salmons

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