Red Deer – New Zealand’s most widespread deer species, but often one of the most challenging trophies to obtain free range. 


Red Deer

We offer both free range, fair chase and estate hunts for red deer.

Free-range hunts are generally recommended late March to early April to coincide with the roar.

These animals are genuine free range red stags. Trophies are generally 12 – 18 points, 35-43″ in length.

Private Land Red Stag Hunting

We have access to a 23,000 acre working merino sheep station up the stunning Awatere Valley, Marlborough where there are plenty of free range deer, pigs and goats. We need to drive in by 4×4 to a back country hut where we unload our gear and go hunting.
Red stags being one of the hardest free range trophies to secure we can make no guarantees on size. however you will see plenty of wild animals.

Red Stag Hunting package includes:

  • transport
  • airport transfers
  • trophy fee
  • preparation of trophies
  • accommodation
  • food & beverages

Excludes: Airfares and expediting

Allow: 4 days

Price on request

Please inquire if 2 or more person wish to hunt as we can do this for a discounted price.

“I had the opportunity to get a great trophy – very happy with my 14 pointer! Awesome thanks Marcus.”



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