Fallow Deer – If you are after a big free range NZ Fallow, call Wilderness Trophy Hunting NZ today!! Limited spaces available.  

Fallow Deer Hunting

Wilderness Trophy Hunting has the exclusive right to hunt New Zealand’s very best free-range fallow. A number of New Zealand records have been taken from this property, including the latest record in April 2015
We specialise in free range fair chase hunting for fallow during their rut April. To ensure trophy quality there are only limited hunts available.

If you want an outstanding fallow and the chance to secure a record there is arguably no better place to hunt.

Most bucks taken score over 240 Douglas score. The average buck taken over the last three seasons has risen to around 260 Douglas Score, with the largest being the current NZ record for free range wild fallow at 285 DS. This is as a result of our select harvest management program.

Private Land Fallow Deer Hunting

Fallow Deer package includes:

  • transport
  • airport transfers
  • preparation of trophies
  • trophy fee
  • accommodation
  • food & beverages

Excludes: Airfares and expediting

Allow: 4 days

Price on request

“April 2015 -What more can I say except at the moment I am the New Zealand record holder with 285 Douglas Score”



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